Stuart Dixon Physio

Stuart Dixon


Specialisations: Physiotherapy, Integrated dry needling, Active Release and Fascial Abrasion Technique, Cupping, Strength and conditioning/rehab exercise programming.


  1. Bachelor Of Physiotherapy with Honours
  2. Diane Lee – Integrated Systems Model Graduate
  3. Diane Lee – DRA certification
  4. Barbara Hungerford Advanced Manual Therapy Associates – Integrated Pelvis
  5. Barral – Visceral Manipulation
  6. Barral – Neuromeningeal Manipulation
  7. Dig-On Osteopathy – Cranio-sacral Therapy
  8. Andrew Hutton – Integrated Dry Needling Graduate
  9. Level 3 Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner
  10. Active Release Techniques (Upper/Lower/Spine/Neural Release)
  11. Fascial Abrasion Technique
  12. Poliquin International Certification Program Level 2

Stuart Dixon is an experienced Physiotherapist and former clinic manager with a wide range of skills in treating patients with various injuries and conditions. With over 10 years of professional experience, Stu honed his ability to treat individuals as unique cases, utilising evidence-based techniques to provide each patient with the best possible care.

Throughout his career, Stu has seen many different types of injuries and conditions, including severe whiplash, chronic pain, and physical management for auto-immune conditions, as well as acute injury and pre/post-operative management.

He takes the time to get to the root cause of the problem to create effective treatment plans that address every individual’s unique needs.

Stu’s passion for helping others, coupled with his extensive experience, makes him an invaluable asset for any patient seeking help from pain or injury.

He believes in taking a holistic approach to therapy to ensure that the most beneficial outcome is achieved for each individual client he sees.