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Our Team

Our highly experienced team of physiotherapists in North Shore Physiotherapy is among the most highly trained professionals in their field with qualifications from leading universities around Australia.

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Anthony Griffiths Physio

Anthony Griffiths


Anthony has extensive experience in manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise prescription for treating a variety of conditions/injuries with an interest in neck, shoulder, lower back, hip, and knee.

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Stuart Dixon Physio

Stuart Dixon


Stuart Dixon is an experienced Physiotherapist and former clinic manager with a wide range of skills in treating patients with various injuries and conditions. With over 10 years of professional experience.

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Cheryl Poon Physio

Cheryl Poon


Cheryl Poon is a highly experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with an impressive track record of successfully treating patients with complex musculoskeletal conditions.

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Won Choi


Won is a dedicated and highly skilled physiotherapist with a comprehensive background in sports rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, assessment, and manual therapy treatment of human anatomy.

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Our Process


We do a thorough assessment first to look for limited movement and poor process stability, which can often lead to pain, injury, dysfunction, and poor performance. We figure out how active you are now, get a detailed history of the problem you’re having, and do physical tests to find any imbalances or places where you can’t move as well as you could.


Based on the findings from this assessment process, we will then create a tailored plan of care that is specific to your needs. 

The goal of our treatment plans is to get people back to normal mobility by helping them get stronger, more flexible, and better at coordinating their movements. 

Treatments used vary from manual therapy techniques such as massage & joint manipulation through real-time ultrasound-guided exercises & education on posture & ergonomics to address all aspects of the condition being treated.


We also give advice on ergonomics and general lifestyle changes when they are needed, along with diet & lifestyle management strategies to avoid recurring pain or further injuries, and get you going stronger than before.