Anthony Griffiths

Anthony Griffiths Physio

Anthony is the Owner and Physiotherapist at the clinic.

He has extensive experience in manual therapy, dry needling and exercise prescription for treating a variety of conditions/injuries with an interest in neck, shoulder, lower back, hip and knee.

Anthony has a wide range of skills including:

    - Integrated dry needling (a far more effective/comfortable type of dry needling)
    - Active Release Technique
    - Level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner
    - Cupping
    - Strength and conditioning/rehab exercise programming and Pilates

He takes a full body approach on assessing each patient by looking at the spine and core deficits which are often the root cause of the problem.

Throughout his career he has delivered over 50,000 Pilates, strength and condition exercise sessions in private, semi -private and small group settings.

Combined with his Physiotherapy and manual therapy qualifications he has had the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge, critical reasoning and assessment of posture and movement. Anthony is dedicated to assisting his patients recovery from their injuries and painful conditions, returning them to their daily activities and sports.

Stuart Dixon

Stuart Dixon Physio

As a previous clinic manager and onsite Physio Stu a broad range of experience with many different types of injuries and conditions such as severe whiplash,chronic pain,physical management of auto-immune conditions as well as acute injury and pre/post operative management.

Stu has a wide range of skills including:

    - Integrated dry needling (a far more effective/comfortable type of dry needling)
    - Active Release Technique
    - Level 3 Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner
    - Fascial Abrasion Technique
    - Cupping
    - Strength and conditioning/rehab exercise programming

Stu likes to treat everyone as an individual, and takes a thorough approach to find the real source of their pain.

Having had years of experience as a trainer and coach prior to becoming a Physio, Stu also has a depth of experience in all types of exercise. Being able to keep people exercising and enjoying their life is an integral part of their recovery.

This allows for comprehensive treatment and management of injury and pain.

Cheryl Poon

Cheryl Poon Physio

Cheryl is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. She graduated from University of Sydney in 2009 and has been working as a physiotherapist in public and private clinic settings.

After obtaining a wide array of experience with patients at various stages of their recovery from musculoskeletal injuries (neck, back, shoulder, knee and hip) and post surgeries, this passion led her to pursue a Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Manipulative Therapy) from Curtin University in 2014.

Cheryl’s interests include the management of osteoarthritic conditions, post-orthopaedic surgeries, and pain management. She was the lead in Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Service in an acute tertiary hospital overseas. A dedicated individual who provides quality care based on latest evidence; she combines this with extensive clinical experience to work towards her patients’ successful recovery.

Cheryl has bilingual fluency in English and Mandarin and has worked in Singapore and Australia. Outside of her work, she enjoys cooking and the outdoors.

Chloe Van Dyck

Chloe Receptionist

Chloe is the receptionist at the clinic.

She is currently undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with Human Resources at Macquarie University.

Outside of work, Chloe enjoys Pilates, Irish Dancing and travelling.

She looks forward to welcoming you to the clinic.